joe (choop) wrote,

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no avoiding it now

Good god, I'm so sorry. Jesus fucking lord.

I can't believe I went and got one of these fucking things.

Well, in my defense, I only registered because I really wanted to post my poem in sororbabylon's journal, and she had anonymous posting turned off. But if I'm so innocent, then what is this post doing here? And why did I bother to set up all the options and colors? And fucking christ, why am I writing this through the client that I bothered to download? I'm so totally going to hell for that. I'm not even going to have to die first. I'm going to open my door tomorrow and the fucking burning fires of hell are going to suck me down and the only clue as to my whereabouts left for my family and friends (who would've been there till the end) will be this pathetic post.

I'm sorry, Mom. Tell Tori I love her.
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